More newborn session love! I am always having newborns in my studio, and getting to work on these incredible shoots with them. Capturing their first few weeks, and how much they have grown. It is a blast, but I do get a lot of questions about outfits for these little nuggets. I will also get a lot of parents wanting to overdress their baby or bring super elaborate clothing that takes away from the focus which should always be the baby. So this is just a quick little guide for the top 5 outfits I recommend for a newborn session. I have all of these in my studio so you really don’t need to bring a thing, but if you want to pick out your own tiny baby clothes (who doesn’t love that?) then here are some tips.


KNIT newborn session at north Dallas Studio

Knit is one of my top tips because it adds so much without being overpowering. There are some incredible knit outfits that are just some little bottoms with a hat that are adorable. They provide just the right amount of warmth and texture, without being too much. Plus, there is an abundance of options. Some more simple, little animal-themed outfits or just a subtle detail added here and there.


FUN DIAPER COVERS studio newborn session with mom dad and big sister

This is a good one, especially for all of the little girls out there. A simple diaper cover, that has some ruffles adds such a cute and girly flare, without being obnoxious. The beauty of the ruffles are you could choose muted colors, like grey, or a brighter color, like pink, and it is girly either way. You don’t lose the integrity and the intention with the color.



Classic! A plain cloth diaper is adorable, clean and timeless. Plus, if you want to have a colored background, or add props, it is an easy outfit to keep from being too much.



Every parent loves seeing their kids in the same outfit as their older sibling, or even them. An outfit that has been passed down automatically adds some sentimental value to the whole session. It is fun to look at all of your babies in the same outfit and to see how different they all were at different times.


Newborn at Home- Miette Photography- Jayme OkerblomBIRTHDAY SUIT

The most classic of them all. Babies in their most natural form are adorable and will be fun to look at forever. It is almost a right of passage to share these with your friends. So so cute, and easy.


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