For families who’ve just had a baby, there are many different milestones to capture. That’s when a First Year Album comes in handy—it encapsulates all the stages of a baby’s first year of life. But where do three month baby photos fit in?

The timeline of baby photos might start with newborn photos with parents and with siblings, showing off the family’s joy in having a new little one at home. Then comes three month photos (Spoiler: we’re sharing about those below). Next, six month photos feature babies sitting up and playing with simple props. Finally, a one year photo shoot highlights baby’s facial expressions and might even include a birthday cake.

So, what’s so special about three month baby photos? We’ll share the outtakes of a recent photo shoot and some of our favorite things about this milestone.

three month baby photos

What Are Babies Like at Three Months Old?

At three months old, babies are not ready to sit up, but they’re usually chunky, cuddly, and cute. Their motor skills are improving and they can hold their head up on their own. Hopefully, they’re sleeping more–and you’re feeling more rested, too. They can hear and see better, which invokes smiles and curiosity.

three month baby photos

Essentially, they’re becoming more “human-like,” which makes it the perfect time to snag some new photos of their development. When you look back on newborn photos to three month baby photos, you’ll be shocked by the difference!

Why You Might Want Three Month Baby Photos at Your Home

three month baby photos

In this particular photo shoot, we did a location session at the family’s home. This allowed us to show off the baby’s environment and make the session feel even more personal. Notice the baby lying in the nursery rocking chair and surrounded by loving parents in their living room.

So if you’re considering a baby milestone session, why not have it at home?

three month baby photos

three month baby photos

Book Three Month Baby Photos With Miette Photography

If you’re convinced about the value of three month baby photos, wait no longer! We’d love to get you on our calendar. Contact us today to set up a session.

And if cost is a concern, remember we offer a gift registry option where your loved ones can help pay for the session! You can always send the photos in a thank-you card afterwards.

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