Due to the obviously serious nature of recent events regarding COVID, and being in the high-risk category myself, I have to be very particular about my exposure. I also want to assure my clients that I have been extremely cautious to minimize both my own exposure as well as to minimize any possible spread of the virus.


I have taken the following steps to reduce risk:


I get tested for COVID once per month.
No one in my household has had symptoms or contracted the virus.
I take my temperature every morning – holding steady at 98.2 degrees!
Since the spread started, I have been wearing a mask anytime I have had to leave my house. The mask has a disposable filter that I replace.



The Studio

I have always had a practice of sanitizing anything that comes into contact with babies and newborns. I worked closely with a NICU nurse early in my career to learn how to keep my environment safe but want all of my clients to be aware of the extra precautions I am now taking.  My studio is cut off from my house and is not in use unless I am with a client. Before and after each session I use Clorox to wipe down all surfaces that could possibly come in contact with hands. This includes but is not limited to doorknobs, door jambs, doors, couches, chairs, tables, refrigerator, bathroom and floor. All fabric materials that would touch the baby are sanitized in the wash prior to the session and all plastics are sanitized in the dishwasher.



The Session

During sessions, I will wear a mask at all times. The only sessions where this might be an issue would be 6 month – 1 year as the mask could scare the baby. So I suggest practicing wearing a mask at home with your child for a few days before the session to get them used to it. We don’t want them to be nervous! I will also be applying hand sanitizer throughout the session.

Out of an abundance of caution for myself, my family, and for the prevention of further spread, I also am requiring every client to complete a COVID questionnaire before their session.

Thank you so much for understanding and please stay safe!

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