A six month old sits up on her own.

If you’ve been following along with our milestones for the newborn and three month old photo sessions, you’ll be excited to learn about what an indoor 6 month baby photoshoot entails! As a reminder, our signature print product—the One Year Album—includes these photoshoots. It documents the stages of a baby’s first year of life, even beginning with maternity photos. The six month session is a pivotal part of the album.

By the way, did you know we were recently featured as one of Irving’s best newborn baby photographers? We hope our neighbors in the area will give us a call!

Six Month Old Milestones

At six months old, babies can sit up on their own and sometimes have begun to crawl. They’re often sleeping longer through the night, helping you and your partner feel more rested. They can laugh and chatter, which brings a whole new phase of delight to parents! Additionally, they can access a range of emotions—like joy, sadness, dislike, and curiosity.

A six month old sits up on his own. A six month old laughs in a photo.

They play with toys, hug their favorite stuffed animal, hold a book, and look at pictures. All of these activities are exciting to capture in an indoor 6 month baby photoshoot.

Two six month olds play with a toy dinosaur. A six month old reads a book. A six month old wearing a red cowboy hat holds a red ball.

Six month olds have also put on more weight, with very squeezable cheeks, thighs, and bellies. They’re ready for and may be eating some solid foods, taking the load off of breastfeeding moms. You can let them try feeding themselves with a spoon—just be prepared with a bib and a napkin!

Even as your baby grows, they still love to be held, cuddled, and kissed at this stage. Thus, we love to put parents in front of the camera, and sometimes even siblings or the family dog! However life at home feels right now, Miette Photography can capture it with an indoor 6 month baby photoshoot. Because your baby will continue growing like a weed, this is a special snapshot of a moment in time.

A mom holds her six month old baby. A six month old with her big brother. A six month old with the family dog and colorful baubles. A six month old with the family dog.

At this point, are you ready to book a session? Contact us today and continue collecting those memories for the One Year Album!

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