I have to admit, I am really partial to the beautiful family sessions Jayme does. There is just so much life and fun in a family session. Really though, Jayme does incredible work in and out of the studio with her family clients. With it FINALLY being fall, there are a million reasons to plan your session outside.



Fall Weather

Let’s be real… fall has a certain warmth and coziness that just cannot be replicated any other time of the year. With the leaves changing and the weather cooling down, it is the perfect time of year to do sessions outside. When the leaves start changing there is just another dimension of life added to your photoshoot that most people really love, including me. On top of that, the holidays are right around the corner. Making fall the perfect time to grab that picture you want to send to your loved ones.



Kids love Being Outside

If you have kids that will be involved in the session, then being outside is a great option. Kids, young and older, love being out in nature. It is way more natural for them, and less of an adjustment than being in a studio. Obviously, this depends on the kid’s personality, but if they are wary of new people and environments, being outside is a major help. it is just much more natural for them, and they tend to loosen up a little quicker.


Call Me

If you are looking to schedule a fall session, call Jayme soon! Her sessions during this time of year fill up very quickly. Don’t wait to reach out! Please call or text Jayme at 214.390.9524 or use the online contact form. She will get back to you quickly, usually within one day.


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